Joann has performed on the popular childrens T.V. show "The Slammer" on CBBC.


In January 2014, Joann performed at the BBC studios in Media City, Salford Quays where she was booked to appear on an episode of "The Slammer Returns". A popular Childrens T.V. show based in a mock prison, whereby variety acts have to perform to an audience of children in order to be released.

Hosted and presented by Ted Robbins, Joanns role was that of a bad clarinetist. She was the naughtiest of all inmates and was the Solitary Confinement act of the episode. Her act was to perform as badly as possible, playing the Clarinet so terribly bad that it fell to bits. Of course the children booed and booed and Joann was not released from the Slammer. Instead, her punishment was to be covered in porridge by the prison wardens. Gunged on T.V.

The episode was first transmitted on 16th May 2014 at 5.20pm. CBBC channel.